BLEND-IN, so you can STAND-OUT

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We Tackle Leading


Marketing & Analytics Challenges


We’re a bunch of smart, driven, and dedicated people all united by common goals: reach our potential; win the day; and have a great time together while we’re doing it.

If you want to be part of something amazing and help build a global growth company in the hot areas of Marketing, then this just might be the place for you.


In a full time position at BLEND360 you are essential to running and growing the business, and servicing clients. Roles include Marketing Analytics Consultants, Client Engagement Partners, Talent Acquisition Specialists and Operations.

A new breed of consulting. You BLEND-IN with our clients, becoming part of their team and culture, yet enjoy the benefits of being a BLEND360 employee.

For aspiring Data Scientists, Client Engagement Partners, Recruiters, and Marketers. Our All-Star Program gives you critical skills and experience and sets you up for a successful career in these high growth areas.

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Our core values have been carefully chosen to create the type of environment that fosters growth and success for our clients, our employees and our company.

When we hire at BLEND360, regardless of role, we look for a passion to intelligently solve problems, fearlessness in taking on new challenges, and the ability to create opportunities.

Everything we do focuses on people. Our people. Our clients. Their customers. Our partners.

We search for the best and work with the best.


Our Values


The Latest All-Star Class

Learning together. Passionate about data. Growing and contributing. Their energy and enthusiasm are fuel for the entire office. You’re looking at some of the next industry thought leaders, right here!

Meet some of the team



Maureen’s extraordinary lounging on the couch abilities are nothing compared to her ability to grow a business. As VP of Client Engagement, she creates winning talent solutions for some of our largest clients. Can we get you a pillow, Maureen? A cocktail?



Annette is our longest serving employee, and a real success story. As a member of the leadership team she really excels at helping clients understand how much value we can add by working with them. She’s adding value right now by giving us this fabulous pose!


This ginger is our Head of Marketing & Head of People. He’s so happy he smiles at a screen. This lucky guy gets to work on both of his passion areas at once. Full of energy and a desire to develop and grow people, he spends his time building both our brand and our culture. Don’t worry about the ginger comment. He wrote it!



Full of Passion…the word she picks to describe her experience here is Awesome-Sauce. She brings her passion and love of life into work with her everyday and applies it to make sure everything runs smoothly. As HR manager Ursula is on a mission to make every team member’s experience at Blend360 a great one.



Prem is a storyteller (no not a liar). He tells stories through the use of performance data. The stories he weaves for our clients have a knack of getting them promoted, and we just LLLOVE when that happens. He’s just a thumbs up kind of guy!



Part of our recruiting team, Robin is responsible for finding the best people for both our company and our clients. When you go through the recruitment process, you will more than likely be talking with Robin or one of her recruiting colleagues. As you can see, from her dazzling smile, there’s nothing to fear here! Dazzle away, Robin!

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BLEND360 gives you the opportunity to work with industry-leading clients

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